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Welcome to the LS Photography Blog, a companion to the main LS Photography website, which can be reached by the link in the top menu.

LS Photography was born after I decided to remove myself from Flickr due to increasing costs and server downtime, which made maintenance of my images a hassle.  Over a 1 month period, I moved the images from both of my Flickr accounts onto the site that is available today, making sure that my images were just as easy to find when constructing the site structure.

On this blog you will find information on site updates and additions, as well as news and articles relating to the Emergency Services and Public Transport in London.  The LS Photography website, along with this blog, will be regularly updated and will hopefully become a useful archive of both images and articles relating to my passions.  If you would like to get in contact, please do so using the social media and/or email link at the top left hand corner of the page.

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