Abellio London Fulwell (Twickenham) Bus Garage

Abellio London Fulwell (Twickenham) Bus Garage
Abellio London Fulwell (Twickenham) Bus Garage

Address: Stanley Road, Twickenham TW2 5NP    |    Garage Code: TF    |    Opened:  1902    |    Vehicles Allocated: 94

Vehicle Types Operated:  Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200/200 MMC  |  Caetano Nimbus | Plaxton Pointer 2/Dennis Dart SLF



Fulwell Bus Garage was originally opened as a tram depot by London United Tramways in 1902 before becoming the first depot to convert to Trolleybus operation in May 1931, becoming London Transport’s main trolleybus workshops a few years later.  This continued until May 1962, when Fulwell became one of the last two garages to convert  to motorbus operation.

Fulwell was extensively rebuilt internally between 1986 & 1987, with the garage being split across its width.  The London United subsidiary of London Buses operated from the half of the garage fronting Wellington Road, whilst the Stanley Road fronted half of the garage was let out to other uses.  In 1999, Tellings Golden Miller acquired the lease to the Stanley Road side and began bus operations, this continued until 2005, when the Tellings Golden Miller operation was sold to Travel London, becoming part of Abellio London following another sale in May 2009.

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