London Bus Services Limited Tender Results 8/2/2021

The following tender awards from tranches 761/762/764/770/773 have been announced by London Bus Services Limited.

Route NumberCurrent OperatorNew OperatorPVRVehicle Type
125MetrolineLondon Sovereign17New Electric Double Decker*
234MetrolineMetroline9Existing Diesel Single Decker
235MetrolineLondon United20New Electric Single Decker
298Sullivan BusesSullivan Buses6Existing Diesel Single Decker**
488Tower TransitTower Transit9Existing Diesel Single Decker
696London UnitedLondon Sovereign2Existing Diesel Double Decker
W9Sullivan BusesSullivan Buses7Existing Diesel Single Decker

* Certain Journeys will be operated by Euro VI Hybrid Double Deckers
* One vehicle will be Double Decker

Commencement Dates

8 January 2022 – Route 235
22 January 2022 – Route 696
29 January 2022 – Routes 125 & 234
5 February 2022 – Routes 298 & W9
26 February – Route 488

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