July 18, 2024

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London Fire Brigade Orpington Fire Station

London Fire Brigade Orpington Fire Station

London Fire Brigade Orpington Fire Station

Details of London Fire Brigade’s E41 Orpington Fire Station, including Address, Allocation and History.

London Fire Brigade Orpington Fire Station

Command District:  Southeastern
Borough: Bromley
Station Callsign: E41
Opened:  Original Station 1958 Current Station 2015
Address: 13 Avalon Road, Orpington, Kent BR6 9AX


2 x Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 Dual Pump Ladder (DPL)


London Fire Brigade Orpington Fire Station was originally constructed and opened by the Kent Fire Brigade in 1958.

The station was built to replace the previous Kent Fire Brigade station located on High Street and dating from 1938 which had become unfit for the needs of the Brigade. This station building survives today as a retail premises.

With the formation of the Greater London Council and the redrawing of boundaries, ownership of the station passed to the London Fire Brigade in 1965.

Following the signing of a private finance initiative in 2008, an agreement was reached to rebuild Orpington to provide a station more suited to modern operational needs.

Demolition of the station commenced in 2014 with a temporary building being erected in the yard to allow the station to remain operational with one appliance, while the second appliance was temporarily located at Beckenham Fire Station.

Construction of the new station was completed, and the station opened for operation in June 2015.