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The LS Photography website was started in late 2018 to house my collection of Emergency Service and Public Transport vehicles that, up that point, had been housed on various other websites under my management. The decision to move all of my images under one roof was made to allow easier accessibility and management from one hub.

As an additional bonus to the move, the opportunity also arose to start this blog. This has allowed me to bring the posts from my other two WordPress blogs, LFB Enthusiast and London’s Transport to one place, allowing me to continue my passion for documenting the history of both public transport in London and also the Capital’s emergency service network.

Within the posts on this blog, you will find information and some history relating to London Bus Garages and London Bus Stations alongside Fire Stations operated by London Fire Brigade. The plan is to grow in the future to also include London Overground and Underground Stations, as well as the rolling stock used on both networks. Hopefully, this blog will provide a worthwhile resource and to this end, new posts will be added each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you would like to get in contact, or follow updates to this site, please do so using the social media links in the top right hand corner of the page.

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