Abellio London – Walworth Bus Garage (WL)

Abellio London Walworth Bus Garage
Abellio London Walworth Bus Garage

Address: 301 Camberwell New Road, London, SE5 0TF
Garage Code: WL
Opened:  1901
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 152

Vehicle Types Operated: 

Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200 MMC
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400H
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 MMC
Caetano e.City Gold
Wrightbus New Bus for London (NB4L)

Garage History

The site of Walworth Garage was acquired in 1901 by the London County Council to establish a depot for its electric tram operations. 

The site was known as Camberwell Tram Depot until, in 1950, the name was changed to Walworth to avoid confusion with Camberwell Bus Garage, which is located on the opposite side of the road.  During the 1950s, the garage was extensively rebuilt following damage from a bomb in World War II.

In April 1966, the garage assumed operation of the ‘Red Arrow’ routes until the garage was closed in 1985.  However, following the closure of two other bus garages, Walworth was re-opened in 1987 for Red Arrow operation once more, with this ceasing upon the opening of Waterloo Bus Garage and the garage closed again.

Walworth was once again re-opened during the early 1990s, this time for the London links operation of routes 78 and 176. This was maintained until the Cowie Group undertook a major restructure and the garage was closed again in 1997.

In late 2003, refurbishment work was carried out on the garage and it reopened in 2004 to house buses from Travel London, which was sold to Abellio London in May 2009.

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