July 18, 2024

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Ash Grove Bus Garage (AE)

Arriva London Ash Grove Bus Garage

Arriva London Ash Grove Bus Garage

Details of Arriva London's Ash Grove Bus Garage, including Address, Allocation and History.

Ash Grove Bus Garage

Operator: Arriva London
Address:  Mare Street, South Hackney E8 4RH
Garage Code:  AE
Opened:  1981 Vacated: 24th February 2024
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 23

Vehicle Types Operated:

Wrightbus New Bus for London (NB4L)

Garage History

In 1981, Ash Grove became the inaugural bus garage out of the three newly built by London Buses. This development aimed to replace older garages, with a price tag of approximately £3.5 million.

Upon opening the garage had covered space for 140 vehicles, with further yard space for another 30.  

In April 1989, when London Buses were privatised, Ash Grove became part of the London Forest business unit. However, this arrangement only lasted until 1991. when London Forest had to shut down due to losing 11 routes. As a result of these losses, Ash Grove was also closed.

In 1994, Ash Grove was reopened under the name Cambridge Heath by Kentish Bus, after winning a few routes in the Leyton area. Unfortunately, with more tender losses, Kentish Bus had to leave the garage in February 1998, leading to its closure again.

After Harris Bus went out of business in December 1999, East Thames Buses, a subsidiary of London Regional Transport, took over the operation of the Harris routes.

In January 2000, they reopened Ash Grove as an operating base. However, on 13 October 2005, East Thames Buses relocated to Mandela Way in Southwark. Fortunately, CT Plus started operating from the garage shortly after, preventing it from being closed again.

After switching from AEC Routemaster buses to Mercedes Benz Citaro articulated buses in November 2005, Arriva London started using Ash Grove as a home base for these vehicles, since Clapton Garage was unable to accommodate them.

After switching back to standard double-decker buses on the 38, it was decided to keep using the garage and assign more routes to operate from there.

Due to route loss resulting from the tendering process, the garage was left with only Route 254 and the decision was taken to vacate the site, with the 254 moving to a re-opened Stamford Hill Garage on 24th February 2024.