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Go Ahead London (Metrobus) Orpington Bus Garage

Go Ahead London (Metrobus) Orpington Bus Garage

Details of Go Ahead London's Orpington Bus Garage, including Address, Allocation and History.

Orpington Bus Garage

Operator: Go Ahead London
Subsidiary: Metrobus
Address: Farnborough Hill, Green Street Green, BR6 6DA
Garage Code:  MB
Opened:  1981
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 150

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400H
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 MMC
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 EV City
Mercedes Benz Citaro O530
Wrightbus Streetlite

Orpington Bus Garage

Garage History

The site of Orpington Bus Garage was originally farmland before it was purchased for winter quarters for a fairground operator and as a lorry park.

Following the collapse of Orpington & District bus company, the operation of its routes passed to Tillingbourne Bus Company, who created a subsidiary entitled Tillingbourne (Metropolitan) Limited. The subsidiary opened a bus garage on the site and commenced operations in June 1981.

In July 1983, two directors of Tillingbourne (Metropolitan), namely Gary Wood and Peter Larking, acquired the company’s operations via a management buyout, thus forming Metrobus Limited. As part of the new company, Orpington Garage was acquired in September of that year, along with the six vehicles on three routes it operated.

Following extensive gains via the route tendering process, along with the commencement of several commercial routes, Metrobus Limited purchased Jasons Coaches, who operated from the neighbouring site and constructed a new, much larger depot in February 1993. Metrobus itself was purchased by the Go-Ahead Group in September 1999.

June 2005 saw the demolition of the existing structures on the site and new garage and office buildings constructed, with expansion of the vehicle parking areas also being achieved.

In April 2014, Go Ahead carried out a restructuring of its business, with all TfL operations passing to Go Ahead London, whilst non-TfL operations passed to Brighton & Hove Buses, although both companies continue to use the Metrobus name.

At 03:30 on 22 November 2018, a large fire was discovered at the garage destroying 11 buses on the site. The fire was under control by 06:30 and staff resumed full operation by 10:45 that morning.