Go Ahead London – Bexleyheath Bus Garage (BX)

Go Ahead London General Bexleyheath Bus Garage
Go Ahead London General Bexleyheath Bus Garage

Address: 134a Erith Road, Bexleyheath DA7 6BX
Subsidiary: London Central
Garage Code:  BX
Opened:  November 1935
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 98

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2

Garage History

Bexleyheath was opened as the only new London Passenger Transport Board constructed trolleybus depot on 10 November 1935. The site was chosen due to its size and also the fact that the LPTB were able to include a sizeable forecourt to park both trolleybuses and also be used from September 1936 as a terminus for motorbus route 122.

In the early hours of 29th June 1944 a V1 ‘Doodlebug’ flying bomb landed in the centre of the depot causing extensive damage to the depot buildings and the trolleybus fleet within either being completely destroyed or severely damaged.

Repairs to the depot were swiftly carried out and the fleet gained strength from other areas, along with several rebodied vehicles that were damaged in the bombing. However, Bexleyheath was the first casualty of Trolleybus withdrawl, ceasing operations on 3 March 1959 and converting to motorbus operation with an allocation of AEC Regent III vehicles.

In 1986 following the breakup of London’s bus network into several business units in preparation for privatisation, Bexleyheath garage was closed with its routes transferring to Catford, Plumstead and Sidcup garages. The closure lasted for 2 years before Bexleybus, a new low cost business unit formed by London Buses commenced operations of 17 routes in the area and reopened the garage.

The Bexleybus operation was beset from the start with operational and staffing issues and by quickly lost two routes by the end of 1988. The remaining routes followed in January 1991 when the next round of route tenders was announced, subsequently leading to Bexleybus ceasing operations and the London Central business unit taking ownership of the garage.

Following privatisation of the London Bus network, The Go Ahead Group purchased London Central, its fleet and garages as their first acquisition in London in September 1994.

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