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Go Ahead London General Stockwell Bus Garage -SW

Go Ahead London General Stockwell Bus Garage -SW

Details of Go Ahead London's Stockwell Bus Garage, including Address, Allocation and History.

Stockwell Bus Garage

Operator: Go Ahead London
Subsidiary: London General
Address: Binfield Road, London SW4 6ST
Garage Code:  SW
Opened:  2 April 1952
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 180

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400H
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 MMC
MCV Evoseti
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 3
Wrightbus New Bus for London
Wrightbus Streetdeck
Wrightbus Streetlite

Go Ahead London General Stockwell Bus Garage -SW
Go Ahead London General Stockwell Bus Garage

Garage History

Stockwell Bus Garage came to fruition with the realisation by London Transport that the withdrawal of trams, and the subsequent move to motor buses left them with a distinct lack of facilities in the Capital for the storage and operation of the expanding fleet.

One opportunity for a new building arose on a large World War II bomb site bordered by Lansdowne Way and Binfield Road in Stockwell which, although scheduled to open in October 1950, was delayed and finally opened on 2 April 1952. However, construction did not cease until the autumn of 1953.

At the time of opening, Stockwell was one of the largest bus garages in the capital, with a capacity of 200 buses. The garage also boasted the largest unsupported roof span in Europe at 393 feet (120 metres).

The garage was designed by Adie, Button and Partners, with Thomas Bilbow, architect to the London Transport Executive, following the style of architecture of the post-war reconstruction period in London.

A distinct lack of steel also saw reinforced concrete used for the roof. The offices, canteen and inspection pits were housed in both one and two-storey brick buildings on the corner of the site.

29 June 1984 saw the introduction of the London Regional Transport Act which necessitated the formation of an arms-length subsidiary company, London Buses Limited.

In reflection of its importance in post-war architectural and engineering history, Stockwell was awarded Grade II Listed status on 29th March 1988.

Following the takeover of the garage by London Buses Limited, the company forged ahead with the division of the business into 12 individual units in preparation for sale to private companies, completing the process on 1 April 1989. As a result, Stockwell Garage and its routes were allocated to the London General business unit, which was responsible for routes in the South West area of London.

The London General business unit was purchased by its management in 1994, but this only lasted for two years before the business was sold on to the Go-Ahead Group, who still operate the garage today.