July 17, 2024

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London Fire Brigade Dockhead Fire Station

London Fire Brigade Dockhead Fire Station

Details of London Fire Brigade’s E34 Dockhead Fire Station, including Address, Allocation and History.

Dockhead Fire Station

Command District:  Southeastern
Borough: Southwark
Station Callsign: E34
Opened:  1928
Address:  8 Wolseley Street, London SE1 2BP


1 x Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 Dual Pump Ladder (DPL)
1 x Optare Solo Command Support Unit (CSU)


Dockhead was originally constructed and opened on this site by the Brigade in 1928 to replace existing stations at Tooley Street and Rotherhithe.

Following a successful £52 million bid to the Department for Communities and Local Government for PFI funds in 2006, the London Fire Brigade announced Dockhead as one of ten fire stations in the Capital to be rebuilt.

The station was demolished in 2014 and building commenced, with the current purpose-built station opening in 2016.

The original station is perhaps best known as the location of the fictional E44 Blackwall featured in the ITV drama series London’s Burning from seasons 1 to 13.

The original E34 Dockhead Fire Station
The original Dockhead Fire Station