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Go Ahead London Central Camberwell Bus Garage

Go Ahead London Central Camberwell Bus Garage

Details of Go Ahead London's Camberwell Bus Garage, including Address, Allocation and History.

Camberwell Bus Garage

Operator: Go Ahead London
Subsidiary: London Central
Address: 1 Warner Road, Camberwell SE5 9LU
Garage Code:  Q
Opened:  1919
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 189

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro200EV
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400 MMC
Alexander Dennis Limited Enviro400EV
MCV Evoseti
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 3
Wrightbus New Bus for London (NB4L)
Wrightbus Streetlite

Garage History

Camberwell Bus Garage was constructed in 1914 but did not come into its intended use until 1919 due to being requisitioned for the war effort.

With the onset of World War II, Chiswick Works was required for use as an aircraft factory and Camberwell, along with 4 other central area garages (Chalk Farm, Elmers End, Muswell Hill, and Willesden) were selected to carry out body overhauls.

However, Camberwell was bombed in late 1940 resulting in 4 buses being destroyed and 13 seriously damaged, leading to the reduction in overhauls conducted here.

The garage underwent extensive modernisation in the early 1950s, with a new welfare and operational block constructed alongside an enlarged parking area. As part of the new building, a new workshop and pit area were provided in a separate block that undertook heavy maintenance for Camberwell and the adjacent Walworth garage.

In 2005, Camberwell became home to the first hybrid electric buses used in London when six vehicles were trialled on Route 360. Further examples arrived in 2010 and these vehicles were replaced with full electric buses in November 2017.