London Bus Services Limited Tender Results 13/10/2021

The following tender awards have been announced by London Bus Services Limited.

Route NumberCurrent OperatorNew OperatorPVRVehicle Type
116RATP London United RATP London United 7Existing Hybrid Double Decker
119MetrobusMetrobus14New Electric & Existing Hybrid Double Decker
198Arriva LondonArriva London12Existing Hybrid Double Decker
245 Metroline Metroline 17Existing Hybrid & Hydrogen Double Decker
264 Arriva London Metrobus 11New Electric Double Decker
A10Metroline WestMetroline West4Existing Diesel Single Decker
662 London United London United 1Existing Hybrid Double Decker
665London United London United 1 Existing Diesel Single Decker
671London United Abellio London1Existing Hybrid Double Decker
662London UnitedLondon United1Existing Hybrid Double Decker

The hybrid and Diesel vehicles detailed above will meet Euro VI emissions standards. New electric vehicles may enter service after the contract start date dependent on infrastructure and/ or vehicle delivery timescales.

Commencement Dates

25th June 2022: Route 245.
30th July 2022: Routes 662, 665 & 671.
27th August 2022: Routes 116, 119, 198, 264 & A10.

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