London Bus Services Limited Tender Results 18/6/2021

The following tender awards have been announced by London Bus Services Limited.

Route NumberCurrent OperatorNew OperatorPVRVehicle Type
55/N55Stagecoach East LondonStagecoach East London33Existing New Routemaster
56Stagecoach East LondonStagecoach East London19Existing Hybrid Double Decker
322London GeneralAbellio London10New Electric Single Decker
350Abellio West LondonAbellio West London5Existing Diesel Single Decker
397HCT GroupHCT Group6Existing Diesel Single Decker
433Abellio LondonAbellio London9New Electric Single Decker*
667Blue TriangleStagecoach East London3Existing Diesel Single Decker
677Stagecoach East LondonBlue Triangle1Existing Diesel Single Decker
W16HCT GroupHCT Group9Existing Diesel Single Decker

* Certain Journeys will be operated by Euro VI Diesel Single Deckers

Commencement Dates

26 February 2022: Routes 55/N55, 56 & 397.
5 March 2022: Route W16.
12 March 2022: Routes 667 & 677.
30 April 2022: Routes 322 & 350.
21 May 2022: Route 433.

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