July 17, 2024

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London Bus Services Limited Tender Results 19/6/2024

The following tender awards have been announced by London Bus Services Limited.

The following tender awards have been announced by London Bus Services Limited.

RouteCurrent OperatorNew OperatorPVRVehicles
148London UnitedLondon United16Existing New Routemaster
169Stagecoach LondonStagecoach London14New Electric Double-Deck
218London UnitedLondon Transit9New Electric Single-Deck
247Stagecoach LondonStagecoach London12New Electric Double-Deck
282Metroline WestMetroline West17Existing Hybrid Double-Deck
284Stagecoach LondonStagecoach London13Existing Diesel Single-Deck
398London SovereignLondon Sovereign4Existing Electric Single-Deck
422Stagecoach LondonStagecoach London17Existing Diesel Double-Deck
655London UnitedTransportUK London BusTBCExisting Hybrid Double-Deck
C10TransportUK London BusTransportUK London Bus23Existing Electric Single-Deck
H9/H10London SovereignLondon Sovereign18Existing Electric Single-Deck
H98London UnitedLondon United15Existing New Routemaster
P5TransportUK London BusTransportUK London Bus9New & Existing Electric Single-Deck

New electric vehicles may enter service after the contract start date, dependent on infrastructure and/ or vehicle delivery timescales.

The start and end dates for the above contracts are detailed below

7th September 2024: 398, H9/H10 (Ends 3rd September 2027)
5th October 2024: 148 (Ends 1st October 2027)
7th December 2024: 218 (Ends 5th December 2031) 655 (Ends 3rd December 2027)
18th January 2025: 422 (Ends 14th January 2028)
1st March 2025: H98 (Ends 1st March 2030)
8th March 2025: 282 (Ends 10th March 2028)
15th March 2025: 284 (Ends 17th March 2028)
22nd March 2025: 169, 247, C10 (Ends 19th March 2032)
3rd May 2025: P5 (Ends 30th April 2032)