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Jubilee Line 1996 Stock

London Underground GEC Alsthom 1996 Stock

London Underground GEC Alsthom 1996 Stock

Details of London Underground Jubilee Line 1996 Stock, including Capacity, Train Formation and History

Jubilee Line 1996 Stock

Built: 1995-1998 and 2005-2006
Manufacturer: GEC Alsthom
Entered Service: 1997-2000 and 2005-2006
Refurbished: 2013-2015
Number in Service:  63
Number of Carriages per Train: 7
Seats per Train: 234
Passenger Capacity: 875 (approx.)

Train Formation:  Driving Motor – Trailer – Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor + Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor – Trailer – Trailer – Driving Motor

Train Length:
414ft 6ins
Train Width: 8ft 6ins
Train Height: 9ft 6ins
Train Weight: 176.9 tonnes

Jubilee Line 1996 Stock History

During the planning stages of the Jubilee Line Extension, it was decided that the 1983 Stock on the existing line would undergo heavy refurbishment.

However, this was eventually deemed too labour-intensive and expensive and was abandoned. The decision was taken to acquire new stock for the line with Alstom being awarded the contract and development of the 1996 stock began in parallel with the Northern Line 1995 Stock.

The major mechanical differences between the two types include their traction motors, bogies and train management systems. Interior differences include perch seats on the 1996 stock (1995 stock has tip-up seats) and Red LED matrix screens rather than the orange used on the 1995 Stock.

The first six-car set of 1996 stock was manufactured at Alstom’s Barcelona facility before being delivered to Neasden Depot in July 1996. This set underwent comprehensive testing and proving before finally entering service on 24th December 1997.

Due to severe delays in the construction of the Jubilee Line Extension, the new trains were introduced on the existing line gradually replacing the 1983 stock, with the last 1996 unit entering revenue service on 31st July 2001.

Following the opening of the line extension in 1999 it was realised that the new line required more capacity. As part of the Public-Private-Partnership on the Underground in 2003, Tube Lines planned to add a seventh car to the 1996 stock, increasing its capacity by 17%. Fortunately, the 1996 stock was future-proofed to allow this addition, while the stations on the line easily accepted the longer trains.

In total 87 carriages made up of 59 additional carriages for existing 6-car trains and 4 new 7-car trains were ordered from Alstom in June 2003, to be built at their new Barcelona facility. Production began almost immediately with the new order delivered to Stratford Market Depot by November 2005.

To allow for the additions, the Jubilee Line timetable was reduced in December 2005 allowing the final conversion to be made during a five-day closure of the entire line from December 25th of that year. After extensive testing, the four new trains entered service in the Spring of 2006.

In 2017 some 20 years after their introduction to service, the entire fleet underwent refurbishment, with new flooring fitted, repainted grab rails, plated over door buttons, and a repaint being the main features. The first refurbished train entered service on 23 February 2017, with the last set reentering service in December 2019.