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Northern Line 1995 Stock

London Underground Northern Line 1995 Stock

London Underground Northern Line GEC Alsthom 1995 Stock

Details of London Underground Northern Line 1995 Stock, including Capacity, Train Formation and History

Northern Line 1995 Stock

Built: 1996-1999
Manufacturer: GEC Alsthom
Entered Service: 1997 – 2000
Refurbished: 2013-2015
Number in Service:  106
Number of Carriages per Train: 6
Seats per Train: 200
Passenger Capacity: 662 (approx.)

Train Formation:  Driving Motor – Trailer – Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor (2 sets of three each train)

Train Length:
355ft 8ins
Train Width: 8ft 6ins
Train Height: 9ft 4ins
Train Weight: 158 tonnes

Northern Line 1995 Stock History

In the early 1990s, London Underground concluded that the existing 1959/1962/1972 stock in operation on the Northern Line had reached the end of its serviceable life.

Following the tendering process, the contract to build the replacement trains was awarded to GEC Alsthom, who began constructing the new trains in 1996. However, the bodyshells were manufactured in Spain and transported to the UK.

The first of 106 trains was delivered from Washwood Heath to Ruislip depot on 20th December 1996, with unit testing commencing in January 1997.

After an extensive testing program, the first train entered revenue service on 12 June 1998, and with steady deliveries of the new trains, the final unit entered service on 10th April 2001.

The 1995 stock bears a striking resemblance to its sister 1996 stock and this is indeed because they have the same bodyshell design. This is where any similarity ends, as major mechanical and electrical differences occur between the two types.

The major mechanical differences between the two include their traction motors and bogies, with interior differences including the use of tip-up seats on the 1995 stock (1996 stock has perch seats), Orange LED matrix screens rather than Red, and the use of selective door operation, the only deep-level tube stock to feature this, due to several short platforms along the line.

Fifteen years after they entered into service, the 1995 stock began refurbishment in 2013. This refurbishment by Alstom saw the floors of the cars replaced, repainting of the grab rails, replacing the seating moquette, and removing both the internal and external door control buttons.

The exterior of each train also benefitted from polishing the windows to remove graffiti and having their corporate livery reapplied. The first refurbished unit re-entered service on 30 May 2013, with the last returning to service in April 2015.