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Arriva London Norwood Bus Garage

Arriva London Norwood Bus Garage

Details of Arriva London's Norwood Bus Garage, including Address, Allocation and History.

Norwood Bus Garage

Operator: Arriva London
Address: 176 Ernest Avenue, West Norwood SE27 0DJ
Garage Code:  N
Opened:  1909
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 94

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Enviro400H City
Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 3
Wrightbus Streetlite

Garage History

The London General Omnibus Company opened Norwood Bus Garage in 1909. The original garage structures survived untouched until 1981 when the original garage was closed and the entire site demolished.

During this time, the garage allocation was moved to Clapham Garage and did not return until the newly constructed Norwood was opened in 1984.

In the run-up to privatisation of London Buses, Norwood Garage was allocated to the South London business unit on 1 April 1989.

Privatisation of the London Bus Network in January 1995 saw the sale of South London, along with its garages to Cowie Group, who rebranded to Arriva London in April 1998.