July 17, 2024

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London Fire Brigade Croydon Fire Station-H31

London Fire Brigade Croydon Fire Station

Details of London Fire Brigade’s H31 Croydon Fire Station, including Address, Allocation and History.

Croydon Fire Station

Command District:  Southwestern
Borough: Croydon
Station Callsign: H31
Opened:  1961
Address: 90 Old Town, Croydon CR0 1AR


2 x Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 Dual Pump Ladder (DPL)
1 x Mercedes Benz Atego 1327 Fire Rescue Unit (FRU)
3 x MAN 26.363 Prime Mover


Croydon Fire Station was constructed by the Croydon Fire Brigade in 1960, before opening in 1961 as their new headquarters.

The station was built to replace the existing station and headquarters building in Park Lane which had opened in 1906 and was subsequently demolished.

With the formation of the Greater London Council and the redrawing of boundaries, the Croydon Fire Brigade was absorbed into the London Fire Brigade in 1965.