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Edmonton Green Station (EDR)

London Overground Edmonton Green Station-

London Overground Edmonton Green Station-

Details of London Overground's Edmonton Green Station, including Address, Service Pattern and History.

Edmonton Green Station

Address: Church Street, Lower Edmonton, London, N9 7AA
Opened: 22 July 1872
Station Code: EDR
Fare Zone: 4

London Overground Line(s) Served:

Lea Valley Lines (Cheshunt & Enfield Town Branches)

Service Pattern(s):

Two trains per hour to Cheshunt
Enfield Town
Peak: Four trains per hour
Off-Peak: Two trains per hour
London Liverpool Street
Peak: Six trains per hour
Off-Peak: Four trains per hour

Station History

The original Edmonton station was opened by the Eastern Counties Railway as part of its branch line from Water Lane (Angel Road) to Enfield Town in 1849.

In 1862 the ECR was incorporated into the Great Eastern Railway and plans were made to construct a new, more direct line from Bethnal Green to Bury Street Junction (just north of Edmonton), linking to the existing line to Enfield Town under the name of the Stoke Newington & Edmonton Railway. The new line opened, terminating at a new station named Edmonton on 22 July 1872 with the original station becoming a terminus when the connection was made to the Enfield Town line in August that year.

The new station was renamed Lower Edmonton (High Level), while the original station was renamed Lower Edmonton (Low Level) in 1883. Further services through the high-level station were added in 1891 with the opening of the Churchbury Loop line to Cheshunt by the GER, although, due to poor patronage, these were withdrawn in October 1909.

The Outbreak of World War I saw a massive increase in the productivity of the various munitions factories along the Lea Valley. Passenger services along the Churchbury Loop were reinstated on 1 March 1915 to ferry workers to the factories, but these ceased again on 1 July 1919.

Following the grouping of the railways in 1923, the GER was absorbed as part of the new London & North Eastern Railway, and all services and stations passed to the new company. In 1939 the LNER closed the low-level station as traffic had dwindled to almost nothing, although the line and the station goods yard remained open for freight traffic. At this time, the high-level station was renamed to Lower Edmonton, removing the ‘high level’ suffix.

In 1948 the railways were nationalised and the LNER became part of the Eastern Region of British Railways. The new entity decided that the line would be electrified and this was achieved on 21 November 1960 with the former Churchbury Loop (Now Southbury Loop) services also being reinstated at this time.

In more recent times, the station buildings were demolished and replaced in the early 1980s with only the platform canopies surviving to the present day. The station was renamed to Edmonton Green in 1992 to match the new shopping centre in the area.

Privatisation saw the line and its stations awarded to National Express who began operations on 1 April 2004 and operated until Abellio gained the franchise in October 2011 with the new operator installing ticket barriers in 2012 to help combat the large amount of fare dodging on the line.

The final change of operator thus far in the station’s history came on 31 May 2015 when the Lea Valley Lines passed to London Overground ownership.