June 13, 2024

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Anerley Station (ANZ)

London Overground Anerley Station-ANZ

Anerley Station

Details of London Overground’s Anerley Station, including Address, Service Pattern and History

Anerley Station

Address: Anerley Station Road, Anerley, London SE20 8AG
Opened: 1st June 1859
Station Code: ANZ
Fare Zone: 4

London Overground Line(s) Served:

East London Line

Service Pattern(s):

4 trains per hour to Highbury & Islington
4 Trains per hour to West Croydon



Station History

A station in the area named Anerley Bridge was built and opened by the London & Croydon Railway in 1839, as part of an agreement for them to build their line across a local landowner’s property.

At the time of opening, there was very little in the way of population, but this increased following the arrival of the railway.

Further companies began to use the lines through the station, although they did not provide a stopping service and the station was renamed Anerley in 1840. The London and Brighton Railway arrived in 1841, followed by the South Eastern Railway in 1842.

July 1846 saw the merger of the London and Croydon with the London and Brighton to form the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.

Following the decision to add to the lines through the area the station was rebuilt, commencing in 1849 with the final works being completed in late 1850.

Grouping of the railways following the Railways Act 1921 saw the LB&SCR become part of the Southern Railway before Nationalisation in 1948 saw ownership pass to British Railways Southern Region.

At some point, the original station building was demolished and replaced with the current structure, although no firm date can be found.

Very little of note occurred in the following decades until 1982, when the Southern Region of British Railways was sectorised and became the London & South Eastern sector, and later renamed to Network Southeast on 10 June 1986.

Privatisation of the Railways following the Railways Act 1993 saw the station and its lines franchised to Connex, who operated them under their South Central subsidiary.

A further management change occurred on 26th August 2001, when the new franchisee of the line Govia bought out the remaining two years of the Connex agreement to assume services early.

The final management change thus far happened on 27th April 2010 when London Overground assumed operation of the new East London Line, although services did not commence until the 23rd May.

Southern train services to London Bridge and East Croydon ceased in September 2022.