Arriva London Enfield Bus Garage (E)

Arriva London Enfield (E) Bus Garage
Arriva London Enfield Bus Garage

Address: 469a Southbury Road, Middlesex, EN3 4HX
Garage Code:  E
Opened:  1927
Peak Vehicle Requirement: 119

Vehicle Types Operated

Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMC
Alexander Dennis Enviro400
Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2
Wrightbus New Bus for London (NB4L)

Garage History

Operation of Enfield Bus Garage was commenced by the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) in 1927. Within 6 months of opening, further land was purchased at the front of the garage for use as a bus stand, which was used in later life as a trolleybus terminus.

The early 1980s saw the garage undergo modernisation costing over £6million, with the garage re-opening in 1984 and able to house 106 vehicles.

In the run up to privatisation of London Buses, Enfield Garage was allocated to the Leaside business unit on 1 April 1989.

Privatisation of the London Bus Network in January 1995 saw the sale of Leaside Buses, along with its garages to Cowie Group, who rebranded to Arriva London in April 1998.

In recent times, Enfield has become a central part of Arriva London operations with the opening of the Accident Repair Centre, which also undertakes major refurbishments of the company’s fleet.

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